Welcome to Red Door

Creative alchemy is the art of turning imagination into pure gold

Red Door is an exciting new concept of pop-up exhibition space that opened in November 2018 in the charming and historic town of Rye, East Sussex.

Red Door runs an enticing and diverse exhibition programme that changes every two weeks, so there is always a new reason to visit. We host a wonderful variety of talented artists, sculptors, ceramicists and jewellery designers, as well as creatively themed pop-up shops: textiles, clothing, gifts and more!

Owned and managed by Tina Kaul, who hosts several personal exhibitions each year, Red Door offers all kinds of creatives the chance to hire the gallery and have their own exclusive exhibitions and pop-up shops.

What is an Alchemist Gallery?

“I’ve always liked the concept of alchemy. Its wider definition simply means the magical process of transformation or creation, with its more applied definition being the ancient mystical practice of attempting to turn base metals into gold, a quest that has captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years. I like to think of artists as creative alchemists, practicing the art of turning their imagination into pure gold, in whatever form that takes. I also use a lot of gold in my own creative work, so the concept of an Alchemist Gallery sung out to me on various levels.”   – Tina Kaul