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Sue Fields and Alison Olorunsola

14/10/2020 - 26/10/2020

14 Oct -

Tenterden Artists Sue Fields and Alison Olorunsola are exhibiting together again with different media but a common colour palette and love of organic form.


Sue Fields

Recent Work

I am increasingly interested in creating ceramic sculptures which are formed by either assembling components that have been wheel-thrown and altered to create heads, or slabbed to create figures, some of which are based upon recent life drawings and others that are inspired by myth and folklore.

In addition, I enjoy making small editions of vessels that are inspired by organic forms. These often reflect the seasons in which they are created, for instance, sea-themed in the summer and seedhead/tree themed in the autumn.
I make my own glazes and use as many locally sourced/ recycled materials as I can, such as local clay, and wood ash. This brings an authenticity to what I am doing, as well as grounding it to the environment both physically as well as conceptually.

Work is either fired to a high temperature (Stoneware and Porcelain), or is Raku fired to encourage characteristic crazing and subtle colour.


Alison Olorunsola


The ‘Sandscapes’ series is based on my photographic images of the sands at Pett Level, East Sussex. I was helped by my son and his drone. I have spent many happy hours with my camera filming the movement of water over the sand. I am fascinated by the chaotic yet organised patterns which this creates and their transient nature. Developing my subsequent detailed drawings of ‘Turmoil 2020’ felt relevant and has been therapeutic during lockdown.

I have become increasingly interested in playing with digital images, sometimes creating an image per se, sometimes layering images, sometimes drawing into them with pencil or pastels, sometimes using the digital images as a starting point for my felt ‘paintings’. So, very mixed media with a common theme reflecting my constant need to experiment.





  • Start:
    Wednesday, October 14, 2020
  • End:
    Monday, October 26, 2020
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Sue Fields and Alison Olorunsola

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