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30/03/2022 - 11/04/2022

30 Mar -

‘RECLAIMED’ is Tracey Konyu and Kate Delany’s study of the more recent fight between the natural and man-made world. An observation of nature’s ability to reclaim its territory and fight for its rightful place. Together they have chosen to combine their works on a common theme but through two very different styles…


Tracey is a professional painter and art teacher. She uses a variety of media to capture the scenes and faces that make up this area of Sussex.

Tracey works in a semi-realistic way and mixes acrylics, oil pastel, and even ballpoint pen to create a feeling of rich texture. Her background stems from working as an illustrator in publishing and as an effects artist on animated features.

Tracey has always had a passion for painting, whilst at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, and is now realising that passion. She has most recently been working for the Hastings Fishermen’s Museum and selling work in the surrounding area.


Kate is a mixed media artist and designer based in Hastings, drawing influence from nature, architecture, and nostalgia from her childhood. It’s the juxtaposition between these worlds that influences her unique style.

There is a strong element of design in Kate’s work, drawn from her background in interior and product design. This is combined with a much more open approach to art in practice, whilst studying Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

Currently exploring printmaking techniques, collage, line drawing and even machine sewn details, there are still many areas in which Kate wants to explore her creativity further.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has brought Kate closer to nature, and its therapeutic benefits, than ever before, noticing the tiniest of things in such heightened detail that once might have been taken for granted.



Tracey Konyu & Kate Delany

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