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My Mind’s Eye: a journey by Maggie Lloyd

23/06/2021 - 05/07/2021

23 Jun -

There are many aspects to my painting. Both in subject and materials. Much of my work is in pastels. This was my favoured medium for many years. I like it for its immediacy and fast application. Portraiture is one strand of my art and when working from life it is good to work fast.

From portraiture to life drawing pastel works well, but my life drawing is also a space to experiment, so I work in many mediums and the simple fun of experimentation can add exuberance to my work.

Lately during lock-down I have worked from photos and have returned to oil paint. With oils I am using glazes to build up the image, letting the work dry between layers. Consequently I have a few on the go at any one time.

Portraiture is very intense work so when I want to relax a bit more I change to landscape. Not of vast rolling hills, but the intimacy of woodland, of being in the wood, close to the trees. An intimate landscape. A portrait of the wood.






Maggie Lloyd

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