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Scratch, Splash and Sliver

27/03/2019 - 08/04/2019

27 Mar -

An eclectic mix of three artists, with three styles, each one unique and fascinating.


Three women who love their art bring a fascinating mixture of styles, media and colour to Rye, as unique and varied as the artists themselves.

Jenny Dalleywater creates finely detailed images of domestic and wildlife animals and birds on the little known scratchboard medium. To achieve the realistic detail she uses a sharp blade with thousands of tiny scratches to remove the black ink that covers the clay coated board.

Nicola Colbran paints Wildlife, from bees to Elephants and every creature in between – working in oil and watercolour.

Claire Dominic creates Lino Cuts as you have never seen before. Many printed onto copper, these beautiful panels will amaze you. Claire also has many other creative ways to present this wonderful medium.

Artwork and cards available offering a wide range of price points and a plethora of wonderful gifts.

Jenny D Art:        Facebook page: JennyD Art         Instagram: jennyd_art_

Nicola Colbran:        www.colbran.co.uk

Claire Dominic:    Facebook page: Claire Dominic           Instagram: Clairedom



Jenny Dalleywater, Nicky Colbran & Claire Dominic

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