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Click ‘n’ Stitch

25/05/2022 - 06/06/2022

25 May -

Carol is a mixed media artist, creating hand painted, stitched and embellished original textile pictures, whilst Nigel does photography, focusing on his love of nature, landscapes and beachscapes.

Carol uses a variety of techniques in her textile pieces, including hand dyeing, burning, dissolving, melting and felting as well as embroidery and beading, to create her unique style of Textile Art. The results are images that give great depth and a 3D-like quality.  Carol studied tailoring in in the 80’s, and has also completed 6yr`s City + Guilds, Embroidery, Art Design and Felting.

Carol grew up within the era of recycling, which has influenced the mediums she uses. Vintage linens, lace, threads, papers, will be included in her work, along with recycled items such as T-Bags, fruit-nets and maps etc.

Carol says “I’ve always loved sewing and taking photos, but I decided it was time to really focus on using my skills to create something unique.  All my friends knew I could sew, but people have been surprised at the level I’ve taken it to.”

Carol also makes a range of hand felted fantasy sheep, including the latest ‘Mermaid’ Sheep (unique to her) which includes fleece from the Romney Marsh and collections from the shores around us.

Nigel has always had an ‘eye for a picture’ and after retiring from a career in marketing, he built on his existing love of photography, by undertaking an adult education course. He then met Carol and they started working together.

As well as his own work of personally signed, mounted and framed pictures, Nigel photographs Carol’s work and their full range is available, in the form of, greetings cards, cushions, bags and many other items.

Also on occasions, Carol creates a picture using one of Nigel’s photos to create a ‘unique’ Click ‘n’ Stitch combo.




Carol Dixon & Nigel Parsons

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