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17/07/2019 - 29/07/2019

17 Jul -

A picture of a place is a personal memory. The place itself is a safe haven, an escape. As artists we try to capture the essence of this place.

Catherine Farr studied painting at Wimbledon School of Art and since then has been a practicing artist and teacher. She lives on Romney Marsh where she is inspired by the big skies and amazing light. It is her haven.


Ian Mowforth is a painter and printmaker. He’s a graduate of Wimbledon School of Art. He has been an artist and educator for the last 30 years. For him making art is like breathing, totally essential.

“I love the way that paint can be worked to not only suggest the physical appearance of a place but also the atmosphere. I’m fascinated by the way that light falls on to different textures creating colour effects and a sense of movement. I am experimenting with mark making in an increasingly calligraphic way to create drawn images with oil paint.”




Join Ian and Catherine 6-9pm on Friday 19th July



Catherine Farr & Ian Mowforth

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