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In and out of the blue

10/04/2019 - 22/04/2019

10 Apr -

Calm horizons and energetic waves, relax and dive in…

Peaceful, calm and soothing, I love the colour blue. Living near the sea I never tire of looking out to the horizon and imagining what lies beneath the waves.

Originally from Cheshire, I did a Foundation Course in Corsham, and a BA degree in Fine Art in Lancaster.  My early work was mostly still life paintings of everyday objects, with my first exhibition a sell-out show at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1981.

I continue to make paintings and prints of domestic objects such as rusty enamel jugs, vessels and birds, which are usually life-size. I also make images of the sea – which inspired me to move to St Leonards-on Sea 17 years ago.

I like to paint the ocean from the nearest wave to the distant horizon and use the sea as a metaphor for how I see myself and the wider world. My work ranges from tiny prints to big canvases. Large waves are created using an energy like the ocean itself, with paint dripped, poured and scraped back in a state of constant change between ebb and flow. I aim to explore the energy of the waves rather than depicting the sea in paint.

I am excited to be showing my work in Rye for this solo show and looking forward to bringing the sea a little closer inland.




Alex Leadbeater

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